Our credit card industry

knowledge and experience goes back to 1980, when Michael Morton, founder and CEO of Freedom’s Choice Card Services, became the first independent merchant service provider, with United Merchants Association Inc., in Louisville, Ky. It was this type of forward thinking that created and led to the development of the ISO industry as we know it today.

In our effort to stay ahead

of the industry, we have paid very close attention to the market and financial trends over the last 30 years and there is no question that we will soon become a cashless society. The Freedom’s Choice forward thinking approach will enable us to continue to prepare our clients for the future.

Freedom’s Choice

is positioned to take your church, religious or non-profit organization into the future with the best solutions and products available.

Our purpose

is to work hand-in-hand with churches, religious and charitable organizations as well as non-profit and social service organizations to develop new ways to help support their organization. President George H.W. Bush once talked about the “thousand points of light”, we at Freedom’s Choice are just trying to help them connect and shine brighter.